Say it with Rozzers

Why wait for 999?

A new company has exploited a niche in the market for mail order police. Hackney based ‘Say it with Rozzers’ offer a same day delivery service whereby a policeman or woman can be delivered to your door.

If you feel like today is going to be a high crime day then why not pick up the phone and call them?

Surprise Your Friends

hours of fun and hilarity by having a Rozzer delivered to a the house known felon who has thus far evaded detection by the police.  See the face of your local drug dealer, loan shark or bully light up with surprise when he gets a visit from a mail order bobby!

Indulge that Fantasy

Have you always wanted to have a constable interrupt your coitus? Look no further than ‘Say it with Rozzers’ who will send the rapid response unit around and or even the flying squad.  Inject fire and bazzaz into your flagging marital relations with his and hers full cavity searches whilst your flat is turned over.  What could be more exciting than spending the night in a cell together trying to corroborate your stories?

Call ‘Say it with Rozzers’ now for the quinticential mail order police experience.

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