School Kids failing in all the Shitty Boring Subjects!

Kids can’t be arsed to do boring subjects and so they fail at them.

We asked a group of kids what they thought about the following subjects, their responses are listed beside them

Useful stuff is boring

Why is all the important stuff so fucking boring?

Maths – It’s shit boring and we hate it
English – It’s shit boring and we hate it
French – why?
German – WTF?
Physics – We like to nick the magnets
Chemistry – Teacher is a sad wanker
Religion – We’ve put a Jihad on it

The other subjects were okay,  especially cross country as it was an opportunity to get laid and take drugs.

Should we be worried by this?

Yes we should as these are core subjects and if nobody studies them the world will end in about 70 years…or it will be completely over taken by Chinese kids who will study anything so long as the man stops hitting them.

So what do kids want to study?

We asked a group from East London what they would chose were it available:

The top three were:

Punany – (vagina studies)
Shoes – Shoes
Sick Beats – Modern music

So what is the answer?

Give the kids what they want and they’ll work hard!

Only time will tell.

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