Scientists Successfully Clown a Sheep!

Bozo the Clown sheep with his brothers and sisters.

Bozo the Clown sheep with his brothers and sisters.

They said it wasn’t possible to turn a farm animal into a circus entertainer but they were wrong.

The dissenters will be forced to eat their words, just like the guy who said that Delorean┬áhad poor build quality and that democracy wouldn’t work in Afghanistan!

Bozo the sheep is the first of a new generation of clowned sheep.

Complete with make-up, comedy red nose, fake custard pies and car with detachable doors (coincidentally a Delorean) Bozo eats grass, shits raisins, tastes great with mint-sauce and is capable of entertaining a marquee full of children for a good ten minutes.

“It wasn’t easy,” said Professor David Davidson of the Sussex Sheep Hybrid Inbreeding Technology Testing Institute (SSHITTI). “Sheep have no sense of humour, terrible timing and appalling language skills!” He continued.

However, despite these obvious barriers, Bozo was created, against the odds.

The plan is to clown thousands of sheep and other animals.

Suggestions that this procedure makes the meat taste funny have been strongly denied by all involved.

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