Scottish Wind-Farm Island reaches Bermuda

Scottish wind farm is crossing the globe with a charted course directly into our hearts

The tiny Scottish Island of St.Blither, test site for the largest wind farm in the world has been spotted near the Bermuda Triangle on its way south.

Last week the collective power of the windmills caused the landmass to break free of its home off the Scottish Coast and head out to sea.

Lawyers for the twelve crofters, one priest, seven hundred sheep, four hikers, a nudist hermit, a number of sheep-dogs and a puffin named Billy say that they will be suing everybody they can.

However seeing as the island is no longer in British waters there are questions as to which country’s legal framework is applicable to this unprecedented situation. Attempts to anchor the island have so far failed when the rope snapped.

Celebrated yachtsman; Sir Kenneth Mackenzie has put forward a daring plan to pilot the island back to scotland by Gibing up the North Atlantic but the Islanders, and other sane people are not optimistic. The Island is expected the equator sometime this afternoon.

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