Sean Penn weighs in to more arguments he doesn’t understand

Sean Penn

Sean Penn caused further controversy today after weighing in to more diplomatic and domestic arguments that he has little to no knowledge on. After siding with Argentina in their dispute with the UK over the Falkland Islands, despite it having about as much to do with him as it does with any other multi-millionaire American actors, Mr. Penn couldn’t help himself and sided with several other causes without doing the research.

Shortly after his meeting with Argentinian President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner in Buenos Aires Mr. Penn headed to Alaska to show his support for whales against the native Inuit population. Whaling is a key part of the Inuit’s survival, and there are laws limiting the amount of whales they can kill for food. Nevertheless Penn stated, “This must stop. From my very limited grasp of how the Inuit’s live I don’t think they need whales.

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