Sex for Petrol

More and more people are exchanging sexual favours for a full tank of fuel. Petrol is so expensive that people are facing the choice of not eating if they are going to use their cars and since not eating leads to death there is no option but to start shagging petrol pump attendants and people who work in service stations. Unsurprisingly there has been a surge in applications for work at garages in view of this trend.

The going rate for a tank of fuel is full sex but in light of government proposals in the coming weeks this is expected to increase to full sex plus a hug and some reassurance, and if the situation in the Middle-East worsens then a post-coital shag is expected to come into effect from next January with a range of other depraved suggestions currently under review. 

Currently you can have your oil changed for a quick fumble but that too is expected to rise by the autmn with the prospect of relief by Christmas.

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