Sherpas called in to scale The Shard for no reason

God damn photobombing streetlamps...

God damn photobombing streetlamps…

Tall buildings with odd shapes are standard staples in the first world. They say “hey, look at what this country can do!” and “suck it, Dubai!”

With things going relatively well in England, David Cameron has commissioned a scaling of Europe’s largest hunk of architecture, The Shard. Approximately £500,000 worth of commissioned, in the form of 25 Nepalese Sherpas!

You’ve got to be Sharding me!

Not at all; this is a much needed bit of fun since there aren’t any more Diamond Jubilees coming up! Let it be.

The Sherpas do not foresee any real obstacles in scaling the structure. The expedition is planned over the course of 18 days, with camps established on the 4th, 38th, 62nd, 68th, 107th, and 125th floors.

Once base camp is established on the roof, the flag of Germany will be raised on the building. There wasn’t any clear reason as to why, but then again there isn’t any legitimate reason for the expedition in the first place.

“I like to give back to the people by wasting their money on things that do nothing for the country. That, to me, is the truest form of humanitarianism,” the Prime Minister affirmed during a related press conference.

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