Six Year Old Child revealed to be George Osborne’s Secret Financial Adviser

George Osborne Takes Financial Advice from a child who is failing his maths at school

A child of six living in Manchester has been revealed as the secret brain behind George Osborne’s Economic policy.

This is the final piece in the puzzle after all Mr Osborne’s other advisors (A Wizard name Zook, two surgically altered monkeys from a Ukrainian cosmetics laboratory and the Mayor Of Dick Island) were unmasked last week at a fancy dress party.

The child in question, Alexander Parkinson is currently receiving extra tuition for ‘adding and sums’ as he’s been falling behind.

According to his teacher though he has a wonderful imagination and is probably the best at making up highly implausible predictions in his class.

It now becomes clear why Mr Osborne chose Alexander to help with his budget or ‘Delusion Quest’.

Alexander said he enjoyed working with Mr Osborne as they’re into the same sorts of toys and George can make great faces.

George Osborne denies any connection with any of the advisers and totally refutes the suggestion that Norman Lemont has been grooming him online.

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