Snogging a Smoker Tastes Like Licking a Burning Dog’s Bum!

A group calling themselves ‘the Blatently Obvious Organisation’ or ‘BOO!’ Have claimed responsibility for an advertising campaign depicting a group of young people tucking into a rotting corpse before kissing each other. The shocking images of death and unbrushed teeth were designed to play upon the fact that the nations youth are more concerned about breath than death. The chance of missing out on a snog because you smell like someone who’s been phallating a jar of Marmite in a coal bunker being far more important than a painful drawn out demise in a cancer unit.

The president of BOO who calls himself ‘Frank Lee Earnest’ was unphased by criticism of the advert.
“Kissing a smoker is like rimming a burning dog!” He said whilst tearing up a photo of some un-named blonde woman.

It is not the first time that BOO have got themselves into hot water in their crusade for common sense. Last year they published a depiction of the prime minister apparently donning a high visibility vest before making love to his wife in a protest against the nanny state. In a similar vain they ran a podcast describing a blow by blow account of a dawn raid by police on the house of a ten year old boy believed to be in possession of conkers.

The organisation are currently in negotiations to buy an island which they intend to make a brand new sovereign state in which common sense will be used instead of politics and the Daily Mail to make the rules. The position of ‘King of Common Sense Island’ is currently being advertised and BOO are encouraging candidates to come forward as soon as possible. Politicians need not apply.