Snow Compare

A man has spoken of his disgust after being arrested and held in the cells for over thirty-six hours then sectioned under the Mental Health Act after being caught throwing snowballsat a poster of the opera singer from the Go Compare advert. Forty-two year old unemployed welder Ramsworth Penlid was tasered and dragged to the ground by sixpolice officers who then set upon him with batons and police dogs after they spotted him lobbing spherical objects of the cold white stuff at a pasted up picture of the moustachioed meerkat rival. Said Penlid; “I couldn’t believe what was happening, it was just like something out of Nazi Germany. When you think of all the hooded thugs riding around shopping centres on mopeds stabbing paraplegic World War Two veterans and all they get is a slap on the wrist and maybe a light spanking over the knee of the custody sergeant and I was just throwing a few snowballs – well, it makes you wonder whose side the police are really on.â€

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