Soldiers Still not allowed Shields!

A Soldier with a shield - Just look how much of the soldier that thing covers

Just look how much of the soldier that thing covers

A soldier has been court martialed for requesting a shield.

Private Peterson, a Yorkshireman, asked his commanding officer Captain Trehellian, if it would be possible for him to carry a shield into battle in order to avoid bullets and other hazards.

Private Peterson was immediately told to do embarrasing and painful naked things in heavy rain for three days. (as is tradition in the army)

However, this caused dissent amongst the ranks and some of whom suggested that his request was not so ridiculous. “The Romans had shields and they tended to win most of their battles! The British Army on the other hand have had more mixed success, especially in recent conflicts.”

“He’s got a point,” Suggested Benedict Wisnom, Historian in Chief at Sevenoaks University. “When the British Army used shields they tended to do rather well. However, during such battles as the Somme, the rather unusual tactic of walking towards live ammunition with no more protection than a moustache and a monocle could be viewed as a retrograde step. How different D-Day might have been if the Germans had been firing at a wall of shields instead of green material which is not bulletproof!”

Private Peterson has now been ejected from the army on the grounds of “Common Sense.” A book and film deal is sure to follow, as will an appearance on Dragon’s Den where he will be demonstrating his new invention: ‘The Shielderer’.

Who knows, it might catch on! Good luck Private, the Haddock always admires inventiveness and controversy in all aspects of everyday life!

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