Some Bloke Says: Take Me Seriously

Some Bloke

Some Bloke

A bloke called Mick or something like that who is apparently famous, might be a civil servant, anyway this bloke has asked to be taken more seriously. Whoever this guy is, he is really upset about being ignored because in some way he feels his contribution to whatever it is he does is really important and we should all be grateful for his efforts.  Saying that, rumour has it that while his boss was working hard selling guns in the Middle East, this guy was skiing somewhere in Europe instead of minding the gaffer’s business. All this while their interests abroad were in all sorts of trouble due to an uprising or something. So, why should we take him seriously?

Anyway, if you see this guy or know him, give him  hug and buy him a pint because he’s obviously got small man syndrome or something like that. Poor chap, good job he’s not a politican or we’d be really screwed!

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