Some Complete Dick wants to make Insults Illegal!

Insults are illegal

Fucking Insults are illegal you dick!

Parliament is full of people trying to out-ludicrous each other with progressively imbecilic legislation in a vain attempt to get noticed.

They are called politicians.

It’s all a sane member of the public can do to stop himself catching a bus to London and standing outside the houses of parliament with his trousers around his ankles shouting ‘Give it a rest you Bastards!’

But now it seems that even that act of patriotism is off limits!

Believe it or not there is a person in this country, some witless misguided scrote who has hit upon a brainwave.

Some towering colossus of ineptitude thinks it’s a good idea to be known as the man who cleaned up society by giving back all the piss that has been taken out of it.

Talk about pot, kettle and black!

Not only that but some testicular brained dog-touching inbreds voted for this dick-less invective-hoover!

For God’s sake you congregation of unshaggable dullards, why on Earth would you try and ban insults?

You shambling rabble of baby-punching weasels … how dare you try and take away the last line of defence against total anarchy you fucks, you fucking fucks, you swarm of turd-licking priest-fluffers!

Talk about irresponsible and thoughtless behavior.

Insults are one of the pillars of evolution.

If nobody tells you that you’re looking shit…then you’ll go around looking shit and not give it a second thought!

Then you’ll get a complex because you’ve got no friends but nobody will tell you why.

And another thing….what will all the critics do?

Their job description would become illegal overnight … so that’s just another unemployment statistic thanks to the government.

And that’s not all…all films, books, plays and TV shows would be good … because if you don’t clap then you’re insulting them, if you don’t tell your friends and rave about them you’re having a pop … you fucking criminal bastard!

Total bollocks!


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