Souvenir Company Accidentally Prints Kate & Gaddafi Wedding Mugs!

A Chinese company have apologised profusely for printing a faulty batch of souvenir coffee mugs depicting Kate Middleton arm in arm with her new fiancee Colonel Gaddafi. The firm,
which has asked not to be named, said it was an easy mistake to make. They produce a lot of memorabilia for various countries and this was just an unfortunate mix-up. However their failure rate seems to be higher than normal. They’re already in enough trouble for ten thousand Dodi and Diana plates that turned up during the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations, and a batch of Tiger Woods christening spoons.  The problem is most likely due to the language barrier and in order to put this right they have employed a new translator who must approve all products before they go to manufacturing. First off the production next month will be some decorative NATO shoe-horns on their way to Syria!

Prince William is said to be so angry about being depicted as the Libyan dictator that he almost asked his Grandfather Prince Philip to hold a press conference, but thought better of it at the last minute considering the old man’s track record with international relations

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