Space Cake is Muffin out of the Ordinary

There is growing suspicion that space agencies have been using pastries and other baked delicacies to create fake images of heavenly bodies. Many pictures of moons, asteroids are now coming under increased scrutiny after an image of the asteroid HD 18973L (known as Aphrodite’s Stool) turned out to be a close-up of a muffin baked by the mother of an astronaut. If you look at the first picture, it could so easily be an image of a large space rock.



However, the second picture shows us the very photo from which it was taken. This is clearly not an astral body but a banana muffin, and a pretty tasty one too by the look of it.

banana muffin

This discovery throws into question the massive budgets consumed by these organisations and, indeed, the credibility of all space exploration. Other photo’s have subsequently come to light in the wake of this news and experts from Sevenoaks University are currently investigating a photo of the milky way which may, or may not, be a Swiss roll and a number of photo’s from the Apollo missions are being scoured after suggestions that glace cherry was spotted next to Buzz Aldrin.

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