Spaceship Did Not Belong to Christ!

Jesus space ship

Artists Impression of some space ships that might be sweets

Christ never owned a spaceship

At a press conference in Jordan, scientists and experts on holy relics have confirmed that pieces of what was claimed to be Christ’s Spaceship are in fact the remains of something else.

They pointed out that Christ never mentioned a spaceship in any of his sermons or parables, and yet it is well known that he was not given to lying.

Parishioners from the “Church of God the Crazy Space Guy and his Astronaut Angels” are reported to be disappointed but unconvinced by the announcement.

There were no spacemen in Jordan that year

“If it wasn’t Christ, who else was flying spaceships around Jordan?” said Bishop Simon Zabaglione Alpha Centauri Memphis Bumtickle III, leader of the movement.

In response to this, Doctor Wolf of Sevenoaks University replied “I think it’s actually a large bell … this would explain the fact that it has a large clapper at its centre and was found in the ruins of a church.”

He went on to point out that churches traditionally post-date Christ, being erected in his memory.

Even if Christ did arrive in a spaceship, he was unlikely to have crashed it into a church.

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