SpaceX appeals for more Dynamite

SpaceX Dragon powered by Dynamite

SpaceX Dragon powered by Dynamite

Having aborted their highly publicised launch of ‘Dragon’ the first privately operated rocket which was supposed to drop off some equipment (including more sandwiches, a pencil sharpener and a box of sanitary towels) to the ISS, the SpaceX team are appealing for more Dynamite.

Although Dynamite is an explosive usually associated with Mexican bank robbers and Mississippi fishing trips it, apparently, makes fantastic rocket fuel.

SpaceX, who don’t have the same budget as NASA have been forced to improvise with their Dragon rocket and as well as Dynamite they are also believed to using more cardboard than would normally be expected to be found on a space vehicle.

So strapped for cash are the organisation that they haven’t been able to plough many funds into their PR campaign as a recent press release proved all too clearly;

“Yes, well in theory it should go upwards,” said a spokesperson for SpaceX. “Although there is a small chance of what we call the ‘Guy Faulks Continuum’. That speaks for itself folks.

The next attempt at launching the rocket will take place in three days, that ought to give them enough time to pilfer all remaining stocks of explosive from construction firms within a two hundred mile radius.

So what will happen on the night?

The answer is, don’t ask anyone from SpaceX, they’ve all booked plane tickets to get themselves and their families as far away as possible from Cape Canaveral.


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