Spain blows €100 Billion Bailout on European Cup Football Match!

Spain blows €100 Billion at William Hill

Spain blows €100 Billion at William Hill

Employees of Bookmaker William Hill are today waking up to the news that their company is now worth almost as much as Google.

Having received a €100 Billion bailout from the IMF, the Spanish Government decided to have a punt on the Italy game backing their own team to win.

Sadly, the best their boys could manage was a draw and the Spanish Banking system is back where it started.

The IMF are said to be furious as they had initially planned to put the money on Italy but were forced to hand it over to the Spanish before they got a chance.

Betting on sports matches carries less risk than backing certain European governments and it is expected to dominate the new Euro Crisis strategy headed up by Germany.

The Germans who lost heavily when Chelsea won the European Champions League last month are today rejoicing having gambled their entire GDP on a Spain-Italy draw.

The UK Chancellor for the Exchequer; George Osbourne is said to be feeling very smug having not given the Spanish any money at all

He blames them and others for holding back growth in the UK with their behaviour.

However, the tables will most likely be turned later this afternoon as it is believed he is planning to bet all our existing gold reserves on England in their game against France this evening.