Special ‘Bubblegum Pop’ Grammy Award created for Justin Bieber

Bubblegum Pop Grammy Award for Justin Bieber

You need to be a good musician to get one of these!

New ‘Manufactured Shit’ Grammy Created to Appease Scooter Braun!

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun is furious that his boy didn’t get a nomination for this year’s Grammys.

He  told the Grammys that they  “blew it on this one” which may or may not have been a reference to other artists aquiring nominations via sexual bribes.

The Grammy awards, which are supposedly for good music that serves some purpose (other than driving a wedge between pre-pubescent girls and their parents) have instead opted for the malted high-octane tones of Mumford & Sons on account of the fact that their music is both good and real.

Justin Bieber, nice lad though he may be, has become the poster boy for bubblegum pop and let’s face it, we could all do without any more of that shite.

However, to shut up Mr Braun (who has been pulling at their heart strings with tales of this hard working starlet crying into his teddy bear because his 30 million Twitter followers and groaning bank account are no substitute for being a respected musician) a special ‘Bubblegum Pop’ Grammy is to be created just for Bieber.

It will be hurled at him by a celebrity as he approaches the stage.

If he actually makes it to the plinth unscathed he’ll then be asked to explain where the inspiration for his lyrics come from and given an opportunity to play an instrument to show us how good he is.

That, at least, would be highly entertaining!


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