Spiderman Defeated by Bungalow!

spiderman vs bungalow

One Storey Spiderman cannot win

Spiderman meets his greatest challenge to date when pitted against a new enemy ‘Bungalow‘.

Bungalow does nasty things to pets, civil servants and public property and Spidey is sent in to stop him.

There’s only one problem … as his name suggests Bungalow lives in a one story building.

Not only that but he lives in the projects outside the city, an area full of one story buildings  bordered by trailer parks.

Unable to swing from roof to roof the webbed wonder is effectively shafted.

Nothing to climb up or jump over … now he’s just a bloke in a Lycra suit with an endless supply of organic dental floss.

What a fiendish plot, what unthinkable devilish nastiness … what better time to say ‘F*ck I didn’t think of that!’

What now for Spiderman? He wisely decides to leave the area and return to the big city … strange really, because swingers usually feel most at home in the suburbs …

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