St. Nic Anti-Smoking Shocker

Times are hard for all of us, including it seems for one usually round and jolly fellow who until now has ensured children everywhere receive their presents at Christmas.

Shockingly a red top has leaked that Father Christmas has become the spokesperson for ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) for an undisclosed sum.

They cite taped conversations with the bearded one and a diminutive member of their news team in which, under the guise of an interview for a position in the PR department, Santa rants about the aforesaid position.

Although we can’t print any of the purportedly expletive filled vociferation allegedly ASH are threatening legal action if FC delivers to the houses of smokers saying that the colourful robed one will be contravening his contract and that denying presents to the children of smokers will send the hard hitting message needed to make an impact in todays jaded society.

Whether he will visit smoking households probably won’t be an issue for our readership, but please let your cleaner know as you could be saving their many little ones a nasty Christmas surprise.

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