Star Wars fans use Kickstarter for meaningless fuckery

“We’ve got nothing else!”

Star Wars fans come in all shapes and sizes. From the fat and unattractive to the fit and geeky-hot, one thing that united the fanbase is their willingness to initiate and participate in the stupidest of shit, simply to remind the world of their passion for the franchise.

That fact has been rearing it’s ugly head on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, where a group has set up a zany campaign to finance the creation of the Death Star (you know, like the one in the movies). Many ROTFLs were had by all.

But it doesn’t stop there! Soon after the Death Star’s crowdfunding effort got underway, a similar counter-project was launched in order to create a squadron of X-Wing fighter ships (also like in the movies)! Oh my, we’ve really reached the peak of internet comedy now!

“Life sucks,” claims Star Wars superfan Colby Wagner or “DomMeLeia” as he’s known on message boards. “Since we don’t like, do drugs, or enjoy physical interaction with other human beings aside from conventions, we choose to lead a very rich life of both online and real world fucknutery. It’s a lifestyle we all have a lot of fun with.”

As such, the community has willed the Kickstarter bullshit to continue. Next up, a campaign to finance the creation of Jabba’s palace, one for creating the forest moon of Endor, and also a campaign to finance genetic engineering studies aimed at producing actual womp rats.

A spokesman for Kickstarter says that the campaigns are “a source of good fun for the lifeless but generally harmless snugglybears.” We’re assuming he’s referring to Star Wars fans.

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