Strip Club DJ Celebrates Hearing “Cherry Pie” for the Thousandth Time

Nothing creepy going on in here!

Mobile, Alabama was alive with excitement surrounding a festive celebration at one downtown strip club this past weekend. With champagne glasses raised, the capacity crowd and entire staff of the Peekaboo Palace toasted to Steven Jessup (better known as DJ Jesse Staines to patrons). That night, Jessup confirmed his thousandth playing of the song “Cherry Pie” by Warrant. “Never gets old. Not even in the slightest,” he stated, misty-eyed.

Speaking candidly with The Haddock, Jessup elaborated on his thousand-song odyssey: “You’d think I hear it all the time, but honestly it’s much less than that. I’ll play ‘Cherry Pie,’ then transition into some Odd Future; Catalina likes country, and Candi dances to Gustav Mahler. It’s an ecclectic crowd here at Peekaboos.” Perhaps it’s this diversity that leads some to call Mobile “The Jewel of the South.”

When asked about the celebration itself, Jessup seemed genuinely thrilled. “I love it when the girls get into a pryamid and then shake their asses. They’re so talented; I was thrilled.” Jessup also expressed great appreciation for the evening’s debut performance by Umbisi, Mobile’s first Congolese stripper.

And for desert? Unlimited servings of, you guessed it: banana turnovers.