Study Shows Gaddafi is Normal and Everyone Else is Completely Insane!

A groundbreaking study into mental illness carried out by the University of Sirte has concluded that everyone in the world is totally insane other than recently ousted Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
According to the report it is totally normal and rational to kill your own citizen’s, order the citizen’s loyal to you to fight to the death, go on long and rambling rants about how the uprising in your country is a western conspiracy, get so much plastic surgery your face resembles a melted candle which has been punched repeatedly and still claim to be the leader of a country which has overthrown you with overwhelming support from the rest of the world. Whereas if you are a pub landlord with two kids and a mortgage and not really much else going on you are utterly insane.
Aabideen Abdelkader, who conducted the study said, “I was a little surprised at the results, but they are conclusive. The only problem is that it turns out I’m completely insane as well, so maybe what I’ve done can’t be trusted. I’m an academic with mild manners and a passion for painting you see. They might as well lock me in a padded cell right now.

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