Suicide Llama Squad Intercepted inside Falkland Exclusion Zone

Suicide LlamaA group of heavily armed Llama’s have been intercepted by a British Naval Destroyer, they were swimming in a ‘V’ formation carrying knives between their teeth.

The animals who were wearing Argentinian dog tags and smelt of Malbec are assisting naval intelligence officers with their inquiries.

Four of the seven strong squad were disguised as penguins and reportedly had packets of C4 explosive strapped to their underparts.

To add fuel to the fire a video has been posted on Youtube in which the Llama’s list their demands, unsurprisingly they want the Falkands to be returned to Argentina although they concede that , being islands, they are not actually part of any country.

Other demands pertain to the immediate extermination of all Alpacas who they claim are charlatans causing nothing but confusion for the tourists who’ve come tom see real Llamas.

The Argentinian government have refused to comment on the story but have said that they will not be crying for any of the animals despite what they say.

The squad were intercepted inside the military exclusion zone  (the same one that the Belgrano was probably outside when it was sunk) and therefore are classified as prisoners of war.

The Navy have promised to treat them well but rumour has it that the British Naval officers are already putting in orders for pashminas and thermal underwear do deal with the intense cold in the South Atlantic.


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