Supermodel is Actually a Fat Plumber!

There was embarrassment for the publishers of a top shelf magazine yesterday after it was revealed that their most popular topless model was in fact a fat middle aged bloke with a moustache. Albert Stonehenge, 51, was first recruited by mistake three years ago by photographers for Sack Magazine when he arrived on set to fix a faulty toilet in the men’s washrooms, but due to the magazine’s long held policy of airbrushing and enhancing every detail the oversight has lain undiscovered until now. Said Albert; “I’d been a self employed plumber for thirty years and lived with my wife and two kids in a former council house semi in Walthamstow. I knew something was wrong to begin with of course, but when a handsome young photographer in tight jeans and a white T-shirt tells somebody like me he wants to put you on a billboard outside Madison Square Garden and have every red blooded man in the western hemisphere salivating all over you, well you don’t tend to pass up an opportunity like that.â€

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