Surprising demand for Snow globes depicting tragic events

The crash of the Hindenburg; the My Lai Massacre; The new Lone Ranger movie. These are just three examples of past and recent horrors one may not expect to be depicted in a collectable art format. However, a growing number of morbid aunts and grandmothers have been purchasing these depressing knick-knacks online to the tune of $37,000* annually.

One fetching as much as $1500 depicting the liberation of emaciated females from Auschwitz recently sold at auction in Connecticut. The buyer, only known as “Ms. Pearl,” was quoted as saying “I’m a Northerner, liberal as the day is long, and I care about the arts…but do you want to see my Nazi death globe?”

We did.

Capitalizing on the trend, craftsmen in several states have taken to taken to immortalizing more a wide array of human atrocities under glass and surrounded by glitter. Specialty Artisan Sandy Hookman† has made himself known for his scenes of cult-based tragedies ranging from Jonestown to the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

Painstaking detail goes into these depictions. His masterpiece, entitled “August 9th – A Evening at the Tate House” is considered one of the most sought-after pieces in this sick, fucking sick genre. It plays the song “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” when you wind it up.

Met with very little protest, most coming from west coast radio DJs, this market continues to thrive. As a memento of our time in Hartford, we’ll be sure to bring back a “Fukushima Daiichi” globe for the office.

It plays “Walkin’ on Sunshine.” And rains radioactive death when you shake it.

* – Costa Rican Colones

† – No relation

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