Syria’s Champagne quota cut in half in protest against killings of civilians

Syria Sanctions: Champagne quota halved

Syria Sanctions: Champagne quota halved

Two Syrian diplomats were today asked to leave Britain, in protest at the human rights atrocities in the country recently.

Other countries followed suit in a show of strength against the abhorrent killing of innocent people.

In France, Syrian diplomats were given a severe telling off in a move designed to send a strong message to President Bashar al-Assad, while Spain told their Syrian diplomats to stand in the corner and ‘think about what they’d done’.

Other European countries took strong action as reports of fresh killings came in. Germany gave Syrian representatives a bit of a slap on the wrist while Holland dished out Chinese burns to officials loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

The United Nations called on countries to voice loud opposition against the tyrannical regime.

David Cameron immediately responded by cutting the number of VIP Olympic tickets allocated to the Syrian delegation from 300 to 250 and reducing their quota of champagne bottles by 50 per cent.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg congratulated Cameron on this move and said ‘If this doesn’t get the message across that the world won’t tolerate murder of innocent people in Syria, then I don’t know what will’.