Tabloid Editors invited to live in Glass Houses

Editors of Tabloids living in Glass Houses

Editors of Tabloids living in Glass Houses

A series of glass mansions have been built in public areas to provide housing for the editors of tabloid newspapers.

Equipped with all the modern luxuries you would expect to find in the home of a millionaire, the best part is that they get to share every nuance of their lives with the public.

It’ll be like a dream come true for these people who tell us time and time again that there should be no privacy in the world.

They will be especially pleased with the huge magnifying glass windows built onto the bedroom and bathroom areas to give us a really good look at what they get up to!

But it doesn’t stop there, johnny taxpayer is would consider it his pleasure to pay for additional cameras inside their cars, their children’s schools, their offices and even a clip on cam so that we can observe their behavior in public toilets and on holiday.

No stone will be left unturned to allow the tabloid editors to become the most publicly viewed figures on the planet … it makes the Truman show a reality, it makes big brother look like the Soviet Block, it’s new, it’s exciting.

No longer must the red top editors (dammit, lets call them Reditors) have to suffer the indignity of a private life which ultimately makes them feel like hypocrites. Now we will see all! Good for them!

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