Tech Focus: Name your internet Start-up a random almost-word

All companies are looking to make a big impression in their area of business. If that area of business is the internet, you’re going to make millions of dollars. You see how many websites are on this thing? It’s huge! So much profit to be made!

But how do you stir up interest on the internet if you’ve just developed the next biggest thing since hydraulic fracturing? You say it in a name.

Q: What’s in a name? A: Letters

The way you choose your company’s name is simple: grab five Scrabble tiles out of a bag. If you have at least two vowels, you’re set.

Here are some examples:

D O K B I – Bodki – A production management app for muffin makers

G A W M O – Womga – Statistical analysis software from people in ties

H E U P L – Uplhe – Something from Sweden

Then make your corporate logo like, a robot dog, and you’re golden.

It will probably help if people give a shit about your app or whatever, also. Get some pie charts made too, those always go over well.

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