The 5-Minute Power Hour (Pilot Episode)


It’s a regular day at the office for Haddock News: the credits are attacking, the anchors are
boozing, and the nuns are tasing men in the genitals. Bernard weathers his usual on-air midlife
crisis, Bennet is not involved in the theft of a complete brontosaurus skeleton, and Dr. Swivel
offers insightful commentary on America’s likeness to used tampons. The anchor who decides
to shoot himself may surprise you!


The 5-Minute Power Hour

Tom Radford & Thinker St. James

Additional Material:
Jym Antony

Alex Selzner

“Crack Merengue” Animation by:
Thomas J Yagodinski

“Nipple Explosions” Animation:
Reuben Atiti

Live Action Camera:
Michael Burke

Special Thanks:
Joseph Romeo
Ramón Ureña

A Fishmouth, LLC. Production

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