The Antarctican Embassy has Melted Again!

A Penguin was punched! - The Haddock

A Penguin was punched!

Despite the bravest efforts of a number of penguins and seals, once again the Antarctican Embassy on Trafalgar
Square has melted into a large puddle.

Partly to blame, if not wholly, are the Antarcticans themselves who insist on using Ice as their primary
building material.

When questioned about this and, quite rightly, offered certain well known heat-resistant building materials the Antarcticans replied furiously at idea of other countries meddling in their own national affairs.

They pointed out that their embassy is sovereign territory and that it must uphold most strongly the native cultures and traditions of Antarctica and not capitulate under the, almost overwhelming, pressure of common sense.

When some bright spark from the foreign office piped up and, quite rightly, suggested that there are, in fact, no natives of Antarctica as it is just an ice desert, there were violent scuffles.

A penguin was punched!

However, despite these little upsets, much praise has been heaped upon them by fellow ambassadors who admire both their tenacity and the defence of outdated and, frankly insane, practices which would die out pretty quickly were they not upheld in this way.

Work has already begun on a new embassy using special ‘extra-tough’ glacier ice imported from South Georgia, but unless ‘big-freeze’ promised by the UK’s hapless weather forecasters materialises pretty sharpish (don’t
hold your breath) a repeat of todays events is sadly inevitable.

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