The Cato Institute presents Lifetime Achievement Award to John Stossel’s Mustache

It’s a well-known fact that John Stossel has more passion for liberty in his mustache than both the Republicans and Democrats have in their parties. Today, the Cato Institute has recognized that mustache with a lavish reception and a beautifully engraved commemorative plaque.

Cato Institute’s President John Allison was on-hand to deliver the award: “It is not only your love of freedom, but your strong, stoic brilliance that makes you a champion of the people. For everything you do, Mr. Stossel’s Mustache, I thank you, and America thanks you.”

Also on hand was poet Alfonso Cavelotta, who recited his haiku “Gentle Facial Warrior”:

Ever vigilant,
these follicles will stand strong.
To lead us. Always.

Stossel’s Mustache (also known as “Tim” to very close friends and family) is more active in the advancement of freedom than many know. It attends and contributes to many libertarian fundraisers, is a board member of the Libertarian Party of Iowa, and is a co-founder of the group “Staches for a Freer Tomorrow.”

When asked for comment, lifelong friend and constant companion John Stossel said of his Mustache that “this type of thing is only going to continue to happen. The liberty movement is alive in this country, and John Stossel’s Mustache is a proud leader of that movement. It’s a hero worthy of a bright red cape…but it can’t have that. Because then I wouldn’t be able to eat.”

In his usual fashion, the Mustache accepted the award with quiet grace and poise. For John Stossel’s Mustache has a rare kind of courage. The courage that simply keeps on and on, far beyond all reasonable endurance. Never thinking of himself as martyred, never thinking of himself as brave.

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