The ‘League of Dick Shaped Islands’ welcomes its Newest Member!

Vlad Seal lives on Bering Island

Vlad Seal lives on Bering Island

The League of Dick Shaped Islands (LDSI), a body who represent the inhabitants of all tracts of land surrounded by water that resemble male genitalia, are proud to welcome their newest member Bering Island a small lonely island in the Bering Sea.

Bering Island is 56 miles long, 15 miles wide and is shaped like a preposterous comedy penis!

It is the largest of the ‘Commander’ Islands, is said to be ‘very fucking cold, foggy, miserable and prone to earthquakes’ but apart from that it’s rather charming really.

The population of the island, which is very small (Some fishermen and a Seal named Vlad), were a little perplexed by their LDSI membership as, up until now, they hadn’t really considered the fact that their home was shaped like a nob.

As fully fledged members of the organisation they will all get iron-on badges, certificates and the chance to enter the bi-annual prize draws.

The League is growing in stature and hopes to one day rival the UN.

Other smaller organisations with a similar cause include; The League of Turd Shaped Islands (LTSI) (recently hit with a heavy fine because turds can be any shape, especially if you have a wonky anus), The League of Twat Shaped Trees and the Royal National Society for Phallic Vegetables (RNSPV).

By far the largest group is the League of Willy Countries (LWC) which recently recruited Sweden after a long battle

For many years the LWC have been desperately petitioning Florida to break free of the United States and join them on account of it’s side-splittingly hilarious semi-flaccid penis shape!

Finland were rejected once again but still head up the Conglomerate for Nations Resembling a Ball-Sack (CNRBS) who’s members include Sri Lanka.

If you live in a place shaped like a dick, please don’t hesitate to call one of these organisations and you too could have a badge!


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