Thinker St. James

Thinker St. James is Managing Director of Haddock News. At one film premiere, “Munich” star Daniel Craig was overheard saying of St. James “…you know the elephant in the room? I’m fairly certain that he shat on that guy.” Cycling is something he’s never much cared for, but will do on rare occasion if dating an Australian. Call me Al.

Thinker was born in the Cedar Valley, west Jamaica. He was not in the “Safety Dance” music video. He didn’t vote yes on Amendment 18. Vacation, all I ever wanted. How far is heaven? Bring me the naval of an unwashed bar wench and I’ll give you a body shot to tell your grandkids about.

St. James used to write for a different website. He has an eating disorder, causing horrendous lesions about the neck and throat. Cotton candy. Who knows how many keys are on the very large key ring? Who the hell thought that a couch made of flour would be a worthwhile endeavor to undertake?

Here’s an Usher song that has Jay-Z on it! JAY-Z! Do you believe it?!


Give yourself a cupcake for being an animal lover.

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