Titanic Season Sinks to New Depths

Titanic tampons

By Perry Estelle

Fifteen hundred people on Titanic died in that cold night, on April 14/15th, 1912. It was the world’s largest and most elegant ship. Titanic was carrying more than 2200 people on its maiden voyage, and it was doomed.

On its fourth night at sea, it struck an iceberg and in less than three hours, it broke apart and sank. Only 705 people made it to New York on the rescue vessel, the Carpathia, after spending the night in lifeboats.

The Americans who steal countries also commandeer shipwrecks of the finest British engineering ahead of its time have already staged 8 salvage missions to auction off artifacts of the be-devilled ship.

The salvage mission has recovered over 6000 items of historic memorabilia from pocket watches to porcelain terrines, shoes and even a piece of hull. A deckchair (that was not re-arranged on the deck prior to sinking) was auctioned for as much as $77,000.

A local librarian in a dogtooth twinset, hornrims and a pair of tight little buns said,
“There are books still on the Titanic older than the USA and those yanks want to confiscate them.

I expect if they could they would steal me and try and park a sedan in my private space.

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