TOP C*NTS! The Anti-Paedophile Card-Swapping Game to Play with Friends!

Top Cunts, the anti-paedophile card-swapping game

Forget Football Stickers…Swap C*nts!

A new game has captivated the imagination of school kids, looking to trump their friends.

“Top Cunts!” the ‘famous paedophile’ card-swapping game!

There are hundreds to collect (part of the attraction is the fact that you’ve no idea who might join the pack next week!) and each has a set of skills and values that can be used to play a game.

Similar to the ever popular ‘Top Trumps’, Top Cunts uses values such as;  ‘Fiends’, ‘Fooled everyone’ and ‘Paedo looks’ to win cards from competitors.

But there is pathos here…by stacking  these super-villains against one another, kids become acutely aware of how utterly shit such individuals really were.

In this way the makers of the game hope to make hating paedophiles, and more specifically famous paedophiles easy to hate!

You can also buy blank cards which you can fill out with the details of anyone you think is likely to be a paedo!

Get your pack today!


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