Towel Laundering Operation Busted in Manchester

Manchester Police Raid

After a lengthy investigation and sting operation, Manchester police commenced in a raid on the laundromat and dry cleaning business of Thom and Arline McPeale earlier this morning. The business, called T & A Cleaning Services, is alleged to be a front for a massive laundering scheme, which includes the cleansing of towels, linens, bedding, clothing and slacks (which are sometimes also considered clothing). The four-month investigation has been criticized by some in the community, as none of the T & A’s operating practices are inherently illegal. Manchester police spokesman Robert Chrisucjkisz-Smith released the following statement on the situation:

“At first, none of the lads on the force knew what laundering was. But we did know that doing it to money was against the rules, so we opened a case. Needless to say we were all pretty shocked, and kind of sad when we found out what it was, since doing it to tablecloths is legal under British law. But since we had the case open anyway, we did some extra digging, and found out that there were a few permits that the establishment had not renewed, so we went along with the raid anyway. The team had a great time; stings are always a lot of fun.”

The McPeales are scheduled for arraignment this Thursday. Thom McPeale made a brief statement to the press following his arrest, asserting that “all of this will be sorted shortly,” and that “…it was better to have this than for them to have found the yellow cake.” Indeed, Mrs. McPeale is renown throughout their neighborhood for her family recipe, and in light of their arrest, she was not interested in sharing the dessert with officers.

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