Tracey Emin to Teach Dot-to-Dot at the Royal Academy

Tracey Emin says she is ‘thrilled’ to have been appointed Professor of Drawing at the Royal Academy (RA).

She will commence in the January term, delivering lectures and seminars to undergraduates on dot-to-dot drawing, matchstick men and the use of tracing paper for sketches.

Emin will also teach more advanced students, specialising in smearing faeces and used tampons on art paper .

A number of the Academy’s art students have expressed delight at her appointment and in tribute, leave their bed’s unmade for weeks on end.

Other students have also found inspiration from another of her famous works, ‘Everyone I Have Ever Slept With’ by trying to cop off with other undergraduates during her lectures.

Damien Hirst has also been appointed Senior Lecturer in Modern Art at the RA, despite protests from the shark keeper at the local aquarium.

Other recent appointments include Eddy ‘The Eagle’ Edwards as Head of Sport Coaching at the Open University of East Anglia

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