Tuition Impossible!

The recent protests against the raise in tuition fees have seen growing opposition to the NUS and their calls for peaceful protests. Some argue that destruction and violence is the only way to gain students the respect they deserve and to display their intelligence to any naysayers. Two students protesting this weekend told us why they have chosen to get their message across in a more forceful manner.

Kylie McNohope, 19, complained that during the peaceful protests, noone took her seriously. As she clutched her iPhone and alerted people of her new hair extensions on Facebook, she said: “We just sit there, right, and nothing happens. I was so bored, where are the fires? Why ain’t we bottling the police? Where’s the booze? I mean, that’s what uni is for, yeah?”

When asked if her need for violence made her sound chavvy, the Media student replied: “Chav? Nor, I wouldn’t dare. Chavs like WKDs, fighting and tracksuits. I like WKDs, fighting and Topshop. Get it right.”

Edward Wentworth-Flopfop, a 21-year-old studying History of Art, believes that the chav approach is the only way to make the government listen. “David Cameron must reconsider his position on top-up fees. Mummy and daddy aren’t going to be able to afford to send my little brother Benedict to Oxford anymore. They only just earn a seven figure annual salary.”

He continued; “Mummy has already told me I need to cut down on eating foie gras, what is the world coming to! Instead of charging £9,000 a year for university, why don’t they give that money to us needy students instead? That would be spiffing. We are dying here, don’t you know!”

As the protests continue across the nation, one thing is sure; whatever social background you are from, some students from a similar background to you will always continue to make you proud.

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