Turkeys Hijack Plane

Turkeys hijack aeroplane

The Plane never left the runway due to icing!

A plane bound for Rio has been hijacked by a group of escaped turkeys hoping to live through Christmas.

In the early hours of yesterday morning the ten birds, who had hidden themselves in luggage, suddenly burst into the standard class section of the DC10 and began spouting demands.

Armed with skewers, basters full of hot gravy and uncooked sprouts they subjected 150 passengers to a terrifying eight hour ordeal.

Thankfully the siege was brought to a peaceful end by negotiators who pointed out that the plane was unable to leave the airport anyway due to the fact it was frozen to the tarmac.

This was bad planning on behalf of the turkeys.

After giving themselves up the birds were led away.

Shortly afterwards the cold and frightened passengers were treated to a slap up Christmas meal in the first class departure lounge.

The terror turkey’s have not been seen since.

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