UK Drought: Camels Sighted in Kent

Kent CamelsAs the dry spell continues there are worrying signs that Kent is becoming a desert.

As well as reported sightings of camels, large groups of arab nomads with goats and tents are believed to be taking an interest in the area.

A number of worried families have alerted authorities to say that children’s sandpits are expanding exponentially, one in Maidstone has taken over an entire housing estate forcing the residents to start dressing like Lawrence of Arabia.

There are sidewinders in Sevenoaks, scorpions in Cantebury and residents of Tonbridge have awoken to find a two hundred foot dune where the town hall used to be.

The camels however are a big hit with children who have been joy riding them around bluewater causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Weather reports suggest that things are going to get worse and cacti have been forecast as far north as Rutland.

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