UK Government: Give Argentina BACK to the Llamas!

give argentina back to the llamas“Enough is enough. Argentina was taken from the Llamas in 1816 and they want it back!” Said a Government spokesperson last night.

On the back of comments by Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez regarding ownership of the Falkland Islands it has been suggested she look a little closer to home…or even better just shut up!

Mrs Fernandez has a theory that talking about this stuff will turn her into a modern day Evita (currently embalmed) but this is unlikely (except for the embalming bit which most people agree would be a good idea).

The truth is inescapable: Argentina belongs to Llamas and they are tired of making jumpers, they want power, jobs, plastic surgery and Malbec (Particularly Malbec)

Jaguars, Giant Ant-Eaters and Humboldt Penguins are also said to be laying claim to large tracts of the country.

The Argentinian people are invited to be to serve the animals as slaves.

There are one or two obstacles standing in the way of this plan.

Llamas can’t drive, shoot, talk, use the Internet or give informed critique on gastro-pub food…but they are willing to learn.

Mrs Fernandez laughed at the suggestion but considering she knows nothing about history this is unlikely to stop the Llama’s taking control.

Appealing for foreign aid the Llama’s already issued an apology for the behavior of Diego Maradonna in the 1986 World Cup and have offered to replay the match using the original team…and some Llamas.

They also say that there is no claim over the Falkland Islands because there’s no Malbec, tanned girls with shaved vaginas or great latin tunes there!

Watch this space Mrs Fernandez!

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