UKIP Child may be taken into care because his Parents are Nice

UKIP childA UKIP obsessed child from Leicester may be removed from his parents today because they are normal, nice, unassuming people who have a balanced approach to life and this is deemed to be an unsuitable environment for a UKIPPER.

The boy who’s name, age and gender have been changed to protect his identity is said to have been a keen supporter of UKIP since before he could walk and is thought to be the only person in England to have a Nigel Farrage bedspread.

His parents are middle class people who sometimes vote Labour, sometimes Conservative but mostly don’t give a shit and the local council are worried that these ideas may poison the boy’s mind which may lead to confusion and even a change of politics.

“We feel that he needs to be brought in a household where the parents are loud-mouthed, outspoken, overly dramatic, right-wing, pompous assholes given to sweeping generalisations and inappropriate and poorly-thought out rants! In short, an environment where he can thrive!” said the local UKIP councillor.

He then went into one about Angela Merkel!

The future of the child, much like the UKIP party, is uncertain…he’ll just have to make a choice between the UKIP Spectrum, or a growing up into a normal popular adult with friends, hobbies and a healthy sex life.

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