Anger as a Catholic Church and choir is randomly fired into Space!

As you read this article, Planet Earth is being orbited by St.Joseph’s Catholic Church (Formerly of Hartlepool).

How did it get there?

The police don’t know the answer to that question but they are conducting door to door enquiries and have asked anyone who saw anything suspicious, no matter how trivial to come forward.

They will also be staging a reconstruction in which a cardboard church will be blasted into the sky to see if it jogs anybody’s memory.

Church in SpaceHowever, perhaps more important is the need to get the church and the fifteen members of the Hartlepool Women’s Institute choir inside it, safely back to Earth as soon as possible.

They are believed to be alive thanks to the boy scouts scuba-diving club who stash their gear in the vestry…but time is running out.

Meanwhile across the globe there is uproar from religious leaders that the Catholics are the first to put a church in space and in an attempt to ensure that space remains multi-denominational.

Consequently mosques, temples and an number of religious buildings are being outfitted for space travel and are expected to be blasting off for the next few days.

Sadly a demonic lodge in Nebraska was blown to bits on the launch pad, but in all honestly who gives a fuck about devil-worshippers?

The mystery surrounding the launch of St. Joseph’s continues… Hartlepool council are investigating the theory that it might have been caused by a gas leak!

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