“Vajazzle Barbie” mass-recall due to choking hazard!

Vajazzle BarbieVajazzle Barbie, the latest addition to the Barbie range, has proved to be a massive hit.

Even the makers of the doll were surprised to see how popular this new product was, not just with little girls but with lonely middle-aged men who live with their mothers.

It is this demographic which have prompted an immediate recall of the product from thousands of toy shops and retail outlets across the globe.

“The kids have been fine,” said a spokesperson form Mattel. “It’s the men who seem to end up choking… we’re at a loss to say why!”

Vajazzle Barbie comes with everything (stick on jewels) you need to decorate her nether regions in line with the popular fashion trend.

Some people may say this is distasteful but essentially if Barbie were alive she’d be nearly seven foot tall and unless she’s got some sort of thyroid condition, is most likely a grown woman and well within her rights to decorate her vagina.

So far, ten individuals have been admitted to hospital after choking on Barbie’s Vajazzle jewels but none of them is willing to admit how this happened.

There are some suggestions that a bejeweled crotch makes Barbie irresistable for some men, causing them to engage to sudden violent burts of prolonged doll-frottage.

The makers hope recalling the dolls will prevent further injury and remove the temptation to go down on Barbie who is a much loved toy and paragon of all things pink and lovely.

Plans are already afoot to start recalling other best seller in the range ‘Prince Albert’ Ken!

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