Village Bus Stop Boasts early Banksy Work


Banksy or a clever forgery?

The village of Tremblenoop in Kent has today announced what they believe to be the earliest example of a work by mysterious street artist ‘Banksy’. The unsigned work, drawn on the wooden panels of a bus shelter in permanent marker, is said to be indicative of the minimalist period during which Banksy developed his now familiar style.  Arthur Pint from the Tremblenoop tourist board explains the claim. ‘The handwriting, the choice of words…it all points to the same thing.’  However, experts in London have challenged the claim. Oliver Newtsandwich of Goldrichkids Art School explains. ‘Utter Bilge!’ he spits. ‘It’s just a slogan about someone’s mother and bears no relationship to any of Banksy’s work.’ He backs up his comments by citing another claim recently put forward by members an East London housing estate who suggested another work: A slogan writen in eight foot high letters announcing that  ‘Dave’s mum’s a Bitch’ was also by the artist. ‘There is no evidence to suggest that at any point in his career, Banksy went around writing derisive comments  about people’s mothers,’ continued Mr Newtsandwich. ‘It’s just not his style!’ The artist has yet to comment.

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