Volcano erupts Jelly Beans!

jellybeanvolcanoFinally Some Good News!

The Mexican volcano Popocatepetl (or “Popo”) has been situated in silence at Mexico City’s border for years. Perhaps sensing the phenomenal violence and poverty the nation continues to face, Popo decided to give back to the community by erupting in jelly beans!

Truly it was a heavenly shower of chewy jelly beans for both the young and young at heart within a 200mi radius of the volcano. The sweet candies fell for nearly an hour, injuring many but delighting those unharmed.

It is rumored that the sweet and tangy aroma of jelly bean goodness has caused the corpse of the late US president Ronald Reagan to reanimate, unearth itself and instinctively head south.

Access Denied!

How’s that for border control?

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