Water thicker than blood found in Dutch pond!

water thicker than blood

Is this water really thicker than blood?

Tests have shown that water found in a Dutch pond is, in fact, thicker than blood.

The water has the consistency of a hearty soup or ‘joue de boeuf’ and supports a population of unusually muscular fish.

It is, however, perfectly clear and very slightly carbonated.

People living in the area who draw their water from the pond deny any relationship with each other apart from friendship, none will admit to having either parents, siblings or even children insisting rather that they materialised there randomly.

This implausible admission is rendered somewhat incredulous when you consider that 90% of them have the same surname.

These simple country folk also have particularly thin blood which when held up to the light could be mistaken for a glass of Campari.

The fact that they deny being related to one another is either the fault of thick water, thin blood or both.

The pond  is the only one of its kind on the planet and is fed by what is believed to be the world’s slowest river which rises up from Holland’s tallest mountain.

Suggestions that the gelatin factory on the other side of the mountain may in some way be connected to the thick water have been utterly dismissed by the Dutch tourist board.

They have also completely denied rumours that this whole thing may be a publicity stunt to attract visitors to the Netherlands following the recent announcement that cannabis cafe’s will not be serving tourists.

Either way the scientific community is finding the whole thing a bit hard to swallow.

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