Where’s Cleggy?

where's wally mr clegg

where's cleggy?

In a break with tradition This year’s official  House of Common’s Christmas cards will feature a bumper family edition of the popular visual game ‘Where’s Cleggy’.

Similar to the ‘Where’s Wally’ this picture shows a busy house of commons, full of angry back-benchers heckling the Prime Minister during his statement, but where’s Cleggy?

While the makers of this puzzle guarantee hours of fun searching the picture for Mr Clegg, it will ultimately end in disappointment because the sad truth of the matter is that he’s not actually in the picture.

Mr Clegg it seems has finally managed to draw some attention to himself by not attending the Prime Minister’s statement in which he attempted to continue his run of alienation by upsetting his peers as well.

It would, as Mr Milliband pointed out, be nice to be backed up by one’s deputy but in this case it would be about as much use as the French army during an invasion of Paris.

Although it is not absolutely clear where Mr Clegg spent his time during the speech, it is suggested that he may have been indulging in phone sex with Mr Sarkozy in an attempt to patch up the mess left after Brussels.

However CCTV footage has now shown that he left the House of Commons to visit his favorite sweet shop before returning to hide in a toilet in the Cellar where he sat weeping into the fur of his favorite teddy ‘Ashdown’.

Where’s Cleggy is expected to be a huge hit with children with parents from all sides of the house.

Meanwhile Mr Cameron, who has been dubbed the ‘Marginator’ by the pro-European lobby is believed to have vetoed all suggestions that veto-gate was anything to do with him and his friends because he doesn’t have any and nobody listens to him anyway.


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